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What You Can Expect from Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers have become more and more popular as days pass by. These speakers have wireless Bluetooth technology that enables you to stream your music from your phone or laptop. 

Benefits of Bluetooth Speakers

Ordering your Bluetooth speakers within Australia enables us to deliver your goods straight to your door, hassle-free. A Bluetooth speaker is the best device you can bring to any gathering or even to a movie night.

  • The portability of Bluetooth speakers is the top benefit. They are lightweight, and you can effortlessly take them anywhere you go. They are ideal for outdoor events such as camping or picnics and even work excellent for movie nights if you want more background cinematic feel.
  • Even though most Bluetooth speakers are relatively small, they pack quite a punch. The sound quality in most Bluetooth speakers is that of concert-level quality. We stock Bluetooth speakers that have only the best sound available on the market.
  • The energy efficiency in a Bluetooth speaker is impeccable. You only need to charge them every few uses, which means some can last up to 20 hours long.

Marshall Portable Bluetooth Speakers That We Stock

Our range of portable Bluetooth speakers in Australia promises the best quality sound available. We only stock brands that have proven to us that their products are the best in the market.

  • The Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a compact little speaker that comes with vibrant sound. It has an IPX-7 water-resistant rating and includes the unique multi-directional sound that’s only available in Marshall products. The True Stereophonic. This tiny speaker has 360° sound, which means that every sound it makes gives you the live concert feel.
  • The Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker is ideal for your life on the road. It’s a compact speaker that travels light and sounds incredible. This speaker comes with 20 hours of playtime with a fully charged battery and allows your “on the road” gigs to come to life. In addition, it merely weighs 1.4kg which qualify for the light travel bonus.
  • Ideal for the Emberton speaker is the Marshall Emberton Portable Speaker Travel Case. This case is perfect to house the Emberton speaker for protection and safety. The quality material of the case is superior, with a tough and stylish zip to close it up.

Related Services to Marshall Portable Speakers 

At Painted Sound, we not only offer the best Bluetooth speaker brands, but we also offer a wide variety of other products for your music lifestyle.

  • We stock headphones that are perfect for any occasion. Our headphones allow you to take your music anywhere, even swimming! Yes thats right, we have a range of swimming headphones available too. Pair your swimming headphones with our Fitgoo, which allows for a watertight fit in your ear.
  • We understand the need for guitar straps and capos, so we have a range of beautiful capos and guitar straps for every type of person. We have the rocker style, the classical style and even the funky style. So, whatever you need, we have it.
  • Along with our range of excellent products, we include Painted Sound beanies and hats. This way, you can show your support by just posting a photo of your favourite Painted Sound merch on social media. In addition, we encourage you to get a gift card for your friends and family who care about music at the same level we do. 

Why You Should Buy Marshall Bluetooth Speakers

At Painted Sound, we choose quality over quantity. We have many brands that want us to be their seller, and we turn them away. Why you ask? Because the quality is not as excellent as we promise to deliver. We want you to experience music the way we do, and we want you to have the opportunity to take it anywhere with you. We understand music is incredibly important, for this reason, we search worldwide for the best quality products available. We are a part of the music industry and have become familiar with all our products personally. Yes, this means we evaluate every specific product before launching it in our store. 

All products undergo vigorous testing to ensure we stick to our promises — only the best for our customers. 

You can shop online with Painted Sound for convenience with the safety of knowing that we make use of the safest payment gateways and ensure your delivery will reach you as soon as possible. 

Order online or contact us today for any further queries!