Painted Sound: Outstanding Guitar Capos

Guitar capos are an essential part of the guitar player’s arsenal. Whether you are using them to achieve a specific sound, play a specific riff or lick, or fit the guitar’s pitch to the capabilities of your vocalist, the role of a quality capo cannot be understated. Some of the greatest players in history were known for their use of capos on some of the most iconic music ever produced. Think Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac on “Go Your Own Way,” “The Chain,” or “Big Love,” the Eagles’ “Hotel California,” Oasis’ “Wonderwall,” and countless others. 

The only limitation to the innovative use of a capo is the ability and imagination of the guitar player. The range of Thalia capos available at Painted Sound is among the world’s best. Thalia is widely regarded as the world’s best capo, and for a good reason. Highly versatile, they are ideal for guitars, both electric and acoustic, regardless of your fretboard radius, ensuring even pressure on the strings and thus largely eliminated the detuning effects associated with capos.

What You Should Know About Thalia Capos

Thalia has revolutionised the modern capo, famously using the best capos in the world as comparison and implementing more than 30 improvements to come up with a capo that is as good as it gets, both in terms of convenience and practicality.

  • Thalia has implemented a unique system that makes a single capo fit for any fretboard radius. Whether you prefer a rounder fretboard with a radius of 7.25″, like those of vintage fenders, or a flatter fretboard like the 16″ of Martin Guitars, a simple switch of the interior fret pad ensures you can use your Thalia confidently on any guitar.
  • Thalia’s unique fretboard sliding system allows players to effortlessly relocate the capo anywhere on the neck or store it over the nut when not in use. With Thalia Capos, there is no more struggling to properly fret your capo without inadvertently bending strings, and that alone is reason enough to get yourself a Thalia.
  • Thalia is adamant about its commitment to environmental awareness. Thalia responsibly sources all the materials used in the manufacture of its capos from renewable resources. In addition, for every capo sold containing Hawaiian Koa inlays, it donates part of the profit to a Hawaiian Koa reforestation initiative.

What Sets Painted Sound Apart Regarding Thalia Capos

We are the local professionals regarding music equipment, having worked in different spheres of the music industry for years. With so many cheap inferior products flooding the market and ruining the music experience for people, we saw a need for top quality, affordable music equipment and accessories.

  • Only the best will do for our customers. We reject more than 90% of products offered to us because they just don’t stand up in terms of quality. If you get something from us, you can rest assured that it is as good as it gets.
  • We offer a boutique quality range of music equipment and accessories. From Bluetooth speakers and headphones to guitar straps and capos, we have it all.
  • Our user-friendly online sales platform guarantees safe and enjoyable shopping, and we offer Australia wide shipping.

About Painted Sound

We are a prominent supplier of top-quality music products in Australia. Whatever you require, we have a solution for you. 

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