Underwater Audio Swimbuds Classic Waterproof Headphones & SYRYN MP3 Player


Simple and Sweet Swimbuds

These headphones have the same great qualities of all of our Swimbuds headphones—they’re waterproof, comfortable, rugged, and easy to use—but our updated Classic version has one defining difference: better sound. Your ears will fall in love with the music you hear through these improved headphones, and so will you! Compatible with any music player.

Contents Include

  • Swimbuds Classic Waterproof Headphones
  • Waterproof SYRYN MP3 Player
  • SYRYN MP3 Player Charge Cable
  • White Headphone Extension Cable
  • 1 Round Earbud
  • 3 Tree Earbuds
  • FitGoo Tube
  • Swimbuds Classic Instruction