We believe everybody should experience this force and beauty called music, anywhere and everywhere they go. 

To achieve this, we started Painted Sound, arranged by music lovers, for music lovers. 

We are committed to finding quality, unique and innovative products and brands, that enable us to deliver this promise to our community.



For founder Shane Edmunds, music has been a major part of his life since he was four years old and received his first record, Buddy Holly. Fast forward to teenage years, every dollar went on records and CD’s, feeding his obsession. Years later, as expected, he became a professional musician and worked throughout the music industry.

The name Painted Sound came about as we have always imagined music in colour. Like an artist with a paintbrush, we see a musician with their instrument. Different shades or sounds evoke contrasting waves of emotions.

In a bar nestled down one of Melbourne’s bluestone laneways one day, we got talking and out of this discussion, Painted Sound was born.



Everyone at Painted Sound is involved in the music industry, be it a musician, sound engineer or more, giving you expert advice. We personally become familiar with the brands and products before they get the green light for availability to our community, passing high quality control that we are unwilling to compromise on. 

We have your back if you purchase from us! We are an authorised Australian reseller of brands with genuine Australian stock, coming complete with warranty for your protection. For added good measure we are also 100% Australian owned.

Feel free to shop online with complete confidence as we only use the worlds best payment gateways in Square & PayPal, or industry leading finance operators Afterpay.

If you need any help during decision making or other enquiry, please get in touch with us anytime!