For founder Shane Edmunds, music has influenced his life since the age of four when he received his first record, Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Fast forward to teenage years, every dollar went on records and CD’s, feeding his obsession. Years later, as expected, he became a professional musician and worked throughout the music industry.

Everything from playing gigs to teaching kids, selling on guitar floors to owning headphone stores, Shane’s knowledge and experptise in all areas is genuine and well sort after.

In a bar nestled down one of Melbourne’s graffitied bluestone laneways, one day, we got talking.

Out of this discussion, Painted Sound was born, a store for music lovers, by music lovers…

The name Painted Sound came about as we have always imagined music in colour. Like an artist with a paintbrush, we see a musician with their instrument. Different shades or sounds evoke contrasting waves of emotions.

Painted Sound is about all things music, be it listening, playing, or taking it with you on an adventure. We are aiming to bring to our customers unique and quality products that allow you to do just this!

Born out of not just a passion for music, more an obsession, we hope you find inspiration and joy from what we deliver to you.



We want everybody to experience the incredible feeling of music as best they possibly can, anywhere and everywhere they go. To accomplish this mission, we are finding quality, unique and innovative products and brands, to offer our community.

There are so many amazing products and brands that exist, some of which you won’t find at your big brand store. We are scouting the globe to find them and then hand deliver them to you.

We do all this because we care, we love music and we’d hate to think some amazing upcoming artist would get skipped in your playlist because the headphones you used were making them sound horrible. Or worse, you buy your kid headphones and play them your favourite Led Zeppelin song, only for them to tell you it sounded terrible, turning them off an amazing band forever. 

We exist is to save you time, time that otherwise you’d waste looking, trying to find the perfect product – which might also cost you more and leave you confused. However, what’s most important to us is quality. To achieve this we reject more than 98% of the products that are offered to us, mostly due to this exact factor – quality, be it construction or performance issues.

However we don’t expect you to care as much as we do, that’s our job. If you are reading up on us we expect it may well be to gain some trust, we’ll earn that. We are also here to help, please just reach out and ask us questions about what we have – we know these products, we’ve invested time in testing them and we’ve also answered many questions before.



We love and appreciate our community and aim to serve at the highest possible level. Everyone at Painted Sound is involved in the music industry and personally becomes familiar with the brands and products before they get the green light for availability to our community. All products must pass high quality control that we are unwilling to compromise on.

We have your back if you purchase from us! We are an authorised Australian reseller of all brands with genuine Australian stock, coming complete with warranty for your protection. For added good measure we are also 100% Australian owned.

You can shop online with Painted Sound in complete confidence as we only use the world’s best payment gateways or industry leading buy now pay later finance operators.

Thanks for visiting and for wanting to know more about us.

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