Please Welcome Underwater Audio

Please Welcome Underwater Audio

We are more than ecstatic to announce we are now offering Underwater Audio to

our customers!!

This amazing company produces fantastic products, such as waterproof headphones and waterproof music playing devices, that allow you to take your music into the water with you. Be it lap swimming, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding or any other water based activity, you will be able to have your favourite tunes with you to enhance the experience, motivate & inspire. The most widely known and popular product is the HydroActive Waterproof Headphone & SYRYN Waterproof MP3 Player bundle (as pictured above). This allows you to get straight down to business and participating in your favourite activity immediately. This particular bundle also comes with:
  1. HydroActive Waterproof Headphone
  2. SYRYN Waterproof  MP3 Player
  3. Great Quality Case
  4. Headphone Extension Cord
  5. USB Charge Cable
  6. Spare Eartips
  7. Universal Fit Goggles
Whether you are a triathlete, competitive swimmer or have a pool at home, we are sure you’ll find enormous use and enjoyment from all of Underwater Audio’s products.



We hope you enjoyed this edition of the Painted Sound blog on welcoming Underwater Audio to our tribe.
  • Have you ever wanted to listen to music while you swim?
  • What would you listen to while swimming?
  • What benefits do you imagine these products would bring you?

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Stay tuned for more.

Take your music anywhere,

Painted SOUND

One thought on “Please Welcome Underwater Audio

  1. Denise says:

    I purchased 2 Swimbuds Sport & SYRYN MP3 Players for my daughters for Christmas and they are soooo happy with them.
    They are both lap swimmers and they say they no longer get bored and find themselves doing more laps than usual.
    Dealing with Shane at a very busy time and was a delight and delivery was prompt.
    I would highly recommend dealing with Painted Sound for your music needs.

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