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Experience the Difference of Waterproof Headphones

The feel-good motivational power of music should not be underestimated when you train.

Unfortunately, swimmers, surfers or anyone who enjoys exercising in the water previously couldn’t listen to their favourite tracks like their counterparts on the surface. Thanks to the power and tech of waterproof headphones, everyone can now swim with sound and choose from our range of swimming headphones to give you the edge.

When you purchase such a device, you must know what you are putting into your ears and the safety precautions you need to take to ensure that the music keeps playing. How will you even hear music underwater? We will give you all the information you need so you can understand how these earphones work underwater.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Waterproof Headphones in Australia

At Painted Sound, we offer you a range of products to paint your own music while you swim, and we want to give you the best experience and high sound quality, below or above water. Here are a few of the swimming audio options you can choose from:

  • Let’s start with the basics. The Underwater Audio Swimbuds headphones and SYRYN MP3 Player would be your first step towards combining tunes with your butterfly stroke. They combine innovation and style to bring you the simplicity of the MP3 player, with low profile earbuds in four different kinds of fits so you can enjoy a watertight seal underwater.
  • If you prefer being in and out of the water with different exercise routines, the wearable audio player is perfect and versatile. The Swimbuds MP3 wearable audio player fits around your neck and hooks over your ears. The easy wearability means that it will stay put whether you practice your strokes or go for an afternoon run. It can go up to 10 feet underwater, and it has storage space of 8G or up to 2 000 songs to motivate and inspire you for up to seven hours of playback.
  • The waterproof earphones work thanks to technology and a membrane that allows a small bubble of air to be trapped inside the ear canal and thus conduct the sound more clearly into the eardrum. Because water is not a great conductor of sound, the secret really lies in the earbuds and that you choose the best fit from the four available to you with the waterproof MP3 Player.
  •  You might be surprised to know that Bluetooth can also work while you are above water. If you are just chilling in the pool, your Bluetooth device will connect to your earphones, but it will, of course, lose signal once underwater because new tech only stretches that far. Our built-in memory in our devices ensures uninterrupted sound.
  •  How do you then see precisely how waterproof swimming earphones are? It is essential to look at the Ingress Protection Rating. For instance, the first number, IPR 68, ranges from one to six and indicates the dust and solids protection, while the second number from one to eight indicates how safe it is near or in water. We’d advise seven or eight here as it refers to total submersion and is safe for use underwater.
  • If you are training for long hours on end, the silence or sound of water can become a bit too boring, and you need the extra motivation of your favourite artist or classical music to give you the motivation to continue looking at the black line on the bottom of the pool for a while longer.

Now you have a bit more information about how earphones can work underwater and how they can benefit your routine or training session. We will continue sourcing tips for using these swimming headphones and how to make the best of your purchase.

Tips For Using Swimming Earphones in Australia

The benefit of, and the biggest con of in-ear units is that they are isolating. This isolation is precisely what you need if you want a bit of peace and fully submerse yourself in the music, but it can also cut you off from those around you, and you need to be even more aware of this in a more dangerous environment such as a pool. Here are some other tips that we believe you will benefit from knowing while you use your underwater earphones:

  • It is best to insert your earphones first and then pull on your swimming cap over your ears to keep your swimming headphones in Australia in place for extra security and comfort. This step gives added pressure from the outside inwards to keep your buds in place during your entire training session.
  • Make sure you know which button is which; the players are quite simple to operate, though, and you shouldn’t have to fumble around in the water trying to change tracks.
  • Make sure that you correctly transfer your tracks onto the device. Most devices just connect to your computer like a drive, and you can just drag and drop the tracks onto it, unplug, and you are ready to go. Also, ensure that your device is fully charged.
  • Pay extra attention to your environment if you are listening to underwater audio in Australia, as you might be missing important announcements, cries of help or signals from other swimmers in the pool.
  • Always make sure all components are dry before charging your device and kept dry when not underwater.

It doesn’t matter if you choose an in-ear, wearable or bone conductor player; you should always take extra precautions around water. Inspect your device often to ensure it is still watertight with no open wires or broken parts. We want you to have the best time in the water, with the best music and motivation in your ears, and we stock the best players and underwater headphones so you can do just that.

Things to Consider When Choosing Waterproof Headphones for Swimming

Now that we have looked at the bare basics of what waterproof audio entails, we can further delve into the specifics where you might have stronger preferences. We can give you a better idea about what you need to look for when buying your first pair:

  • Would you prefer wired or wireless earphones? Wires just tend to get in the way, but you may have a preference for it, especially if you will be using the earphones in and out of the water; you might want a longer cord to reach your pocket. We have both options available. Remember though, bluetooth won’t work once the headphones are submerged underwater.
  • Battery life and format. Look at how long the device will last and how long you need it to last. Our devices have about seven hours of battery life and can play MP3s, WAV, and WMA formats. Be sure you check the format of your music before your drag and drop.
  • Fit and comfort. The most important factor when choosing your underwater audio is the comfort of the in-ear buds or the wear of over-ear headphones. Make sure they fit properly and that you use the right fit for your convenience.
  • You always have to consider your budget first and foremost, but you will find that we offer cost-effective waterproof speakers, as well as Bluetooth speakers and sports headphones.

You may already own a pair of waterproof earphones in Australia, and you might be looking for a gift to give to a fellow swimmer or music enthusiast. We stock brands such as Marshal, Thalia and Sensaphonics for your band accessories and the best in Adidas sports headphones. Contact us if you have any questions about our products.