AIR STRAPS. Premium Handcrafted Guitar Straps.

It is with GREAT excitement we announce the arrival of AIR STRAPS guitar straps to Painted Sound!

Air Straps LTD ED ‘Lotus’ Guitar Strap

Air Straps produce premium handmade guitar straps in the UK and have done so since 2015.

Engraved with the British flag, each strap is beautifully engraved, hand-dyed and conditioned, simply look amazing, compliment any guitar and are a must have to look the best you possibly can on stage.

Why Air Straps?

Looks alone suggest Air Straps are well worth the money, however the quality is equally impressive.

On top of being handcrafted, these masterpieces are made using the thickest leather in the industry, in order to offer the strongest most durable guitar strap on the market. This adds to the life span of the strap as well as the comfort, which is extremely important when holding up a guitar for a number of hours during playing time.
Anyone with a Les Paul will know this!

It is made with woven design and matching sticking, as well as all metal hardware and some models are Limited Edtion, making them vey unique.
Each Limited Edition model guitar strap is stamped with a Limited Edition number to give it further individuality and a one of a kind feel.

These guitar straps are of the highest quality and look amazing!

They are a must have for any guitarist and make a special, beautiful gift or present for a loved one, which is sure to satisfy.

We really encourage you to check them out, look through the range and see what you like!

Feel free to contact us for any more info and share on socials if you are equally impressed with them!

Shane & Painted Sound Team

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