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The Delphin Micro Tablet from Underwater Audio is amazing and extremely popular with its owners, largely due to its versatility. It allows you to take your favourite Spotify playlists, Podcasts, Audiobooks and more with you while you swim.
Not only this, you can connect via bluetooth to your bluetooth headphones and has 8GB or 16GB (depending on which model you go with) of storage.

All in all, not only is The Delphin perfect for swimmers, it also makes an excellent gym companion, commuting buddy or housemate.

There are two Apps we would like to draw your attention to, which we believe are a MUST for every Delphin owner.

Underwater Audio Delphin Remote App

The Delphin Remote app allows you to use your phone to help set up your Delphin. Just scan a QR code with your phone and you’re connected; no hassle, no struggle, and no extra devices.

We recognize that some people have a hard time typing on such a small device. That’s why we’ve created this app – to make typing on the Delphin easy and intuitive.

The App:

– Enables you to connect the Delphin to a WiFi network through a connected mobile device.
– Send text to the Delphin using a smart phone/device as a remote keyboard. 

To download App Click Here.

Underwater Audio Lap Tracking App

The Lap Tracking Companion is a powerful companion for your Delphin player, allowing you to access a wide variety of daily, weekly, and monthly statistics on your swim. Count calories burned, track your improvement over time, and even compare your times with your friends!

Your data is synced to a universal account that you can use on your Delphin and your phone to see all the info you’d ever need about your workout.

– Track a huge variety of statistics from your swim, including speed and lap time, total distance, and calories burned
– Use easy-to-read graphs to visualize trends in your performance and watch yourself improve
– See daily, weekly, and monthly breakdowns at a glance, or focus in on just one workout
– Sync data from your Delphin to your phone with a unified account
Use social sharing functionality to compete with your friends (or rivals!)

To download App Click Here.

Have a look at these two Apps and we hope they enhance your user experience of and an already amazing product.

Shane & Painted Sound Team

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